Has anyone ever been travelling before?

I’m 21 and finish university next month. Other than getting a bad eye every now and then and a bit of tinglyness I’m very lucky at the moment and am fine. Me and my boyfriend want to go travelling, just wondered if anyone else has ever done it and how they were when they went? We’ve met with my nurse and decided we’ll be going “posh travelling”! Staying in cheap hotels rather than hostels so that I can take my medication with me and it can be refridgerated. I’ve always wanted to go so I feel I shouldn’t let my condition stop me, just needs a little more preperation beforehand :slight_smile:

Hope everyone is well


Oh to be 21 again.

I say go for it - hope for the best and plan for the worst! You’ll never be this young again.


Don’t forget to get your EHIC; see only good for Europe.

Simple rule of life; never worry about doing something; only worry about not doing it. Go for it girl; have a great trip.



A year after diagnosis, my husband and I decied to have a twistle stop, round the world tour! I was 25 and we decided this would be our honeymoon. I also had bad eyes on and off and constant tingling, although I wasn’t on medication. We went from London to Madrid, on to Lima and did the Inca trail-camping all the way! We then went to Santiago in Chile, New Zealand (north and sounth island), Australia and Thailand. It was fantastic and I would say just go for it. I took all the details of my neurologist and ms nurse with me (on my email account) and the best travel insurance possible (Basically as my insurance was so costly my husband travelled for free on the cost of my insurance!). If you give North America a wide berth then you will not have quite so much to pay in insurance.

It was the best thing, apart from having my two children, that we have ever done and don’t let MS put you off.



P.S. we used STA travel to book it all.

Yes go for it girl, let the future worry about itself.