Any advice on travel insurance.

Hi all, Hope you are well today.

We're off to Turkey in July and have been looking at travel insurance. Anyone have any tips on a good but cheap travel insurer? Also will it make a difference that I havn't had a diagnosis?

Any help would be appreciated,




Hey Jan - not sure about cheap but we are with HSBC . However I believe you only know how good your insurance is until you have to claim. Well we successfully claimed over £1000 after our flights went haywire. Also believe honesty best policy otherwise they will scr.w you. I declare my ms. Also tried to declare minor relapses but they werent interested in them. So perhaps you should disclose even tho you are not diagnosed. I would ask their advice
Min xx


I have used the MSS for several years-I dunno how good it is as have never had to claim! I agree with the other reply u have already had.

Maybe worth a phonecall? Sorry I cant be more helpful.

Ellie x

Hi Jan,

I went away in March and had difficulty getting insurance as I was waiting results from an MRI.

I got mine through the MS Society website, who had no problem with my pending results.

It was about £100 for me and my mum.

It was worth it, as I was suffering at the time with balance etc, so i was consious that falling was a real risk.

I am sure that I have read that the Post Office insurance, is ok with us having MS.

Have a good holiday, mine made me feel so much better.





last time abroad I used ATLAS inssuraance MS covered ,and was cheaper than a lot of others

i use club direct,off to corfu soon, they deal with ms and other medical conditions.I got mine with my other half for 27 pounds for 2 weeks,have used them for 3 years and found them to be very good.