travel ins for ms

Hi does any have any recommendations to get travel insurance going abroad with ms thanks

Just answered a similar question on another thread! Direct Travel Insurance cover me for a remarkably affordable supplement - they asked a few questions about my mobility and independence (do I need help with washing, dressing etc), then told me how much extra they would charge to cover my MS, hayfever and exzema.

Remember that if you have any other conditions you have to declare them - even if they’re so minor you don’t have specific treatment for them. It’s up to the insurer to decide they’re insignificant.

I paid £50 to cover me, hubby and our two children for 11 nights to Spain with LV. Fully covered my MS and asthma. x


I pay just over 70.00 for a full years cover with the post office, they ask me lots of questions about my health and MS and when I ask them, does this cover me if anything happens to me with regard to my MS they said Yes, good luck. x

Aww thanks guys for your info will defo check them out cheers :slight_smile:

I have travel insurance through my bank, breakdown cover and phone insurance X


Is that free with your Bank Account ?

(If so, do these policies actually cover your medical issues properly ?)


i had the cover thru bank too but had to inform them re ms and there was extra premium. i stopped it 2 years ago as once u are aware of the finer details then they dont cover anybody that other than those 100% fit!


ps i get holiday insurance thru mss and understand what is covered and how to make. claim (unfortunately!) but i guess you only find out how good a policy is when you do have to make a claim.


short answer is-no!

Like a few others, our ‘free’ bank travel cover (HSBC) is worse than useless as it doesn’t cover either my or my husband’s medical issues without us paying extortionate additional premiums! I used and declared absolutely everything on medical questionnaires - time-consuming but it worked out much, much cheaper than the bank.