Holiday insurance

Hi everyone, Can anyone give me any advise about travel insurance. I am going to Europe, I have ms. And wondered if anyone could recommend a place to get insured with. I am unsure if it will be needed as travelling in Europe, also if I need it, how expensive it will be. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

You must have travel insurance when traveling anywhere abroad. There is a thread about this not too far back which will help, the only thing I can add is not to forget an EHIC card google EHIC and only use the official NHS site as this is a free card but some other sites charge. Happy hols Jan

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I got mine through LV and it covers my MS and asthma. Cost £50 for a family of four for 10 days in Europe. Travel company was about £5 less but wouldn’t cover MS for that price!


I used a company called scantily. £25 for a week. I nearly fell off my chair it was so cheap.


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Direct Travel Insurance covered my MS for the princely sum of £15 on top of the policy fee. And you can do the health declaration online which is convenient for me. They offer several levels of cover, so pick the one that suits you - and you can add on cover for events like volcanoes closing European airspace, if you think that sort of thing might happen again.

Hi just got back from Lanzarote, we chose a simple insurance of £14:00 with Virgin for both of us for 1 week. It didn’t cover existing illnesses but I decided as I was entiled to local hospital cover through the HCIS card, I should be ok… it might mean travelling to specific hospitals, which you could check out before travel. Sorry if some of you are shuddering at this but I decided to take may chances and hope that I would be ok. I was, I was very careful when I moved around, as currently I am having a lot of falls and stumbles.

I also reasoned that so far my current symptoms I have not gone to a & e, so why should I go abroad (serious injury withstanding). I am a bit of a stubborn mule. Also, we booked the holiday last minute, my current health is not good but that would be the case irresepctive of location. I am not advocating you follow my example but you need to assess where you are at with your illness, are you fit to travel in general and what are the consequences should you become ill whilst away. Good luck in finding the right cover that is right for you. (Ps make sure you take the HCIS card with you in addition to any insurance that you take out) Lou x

I’ve always used ‘good to go’ insurance, they cover MS and you can do it online. Would definitely recommend you get covered.


Four years ago I booked with a friend to go to Egypt and became ill with a massive relapse before I got insured. Consequently I couldn’t go and my friend either lost all her money too or went alone, fortunately another friend bought my holiday (half price) and they had a great time. Last year we went to Mexico and I insisted we got our insurance together with cover for my MS so that if it happened again we would both get our money back. More expensive but we’ll worth it. Jan

I always try to buy a holiday insurance policy that covers me and whoever else I’m travelling with, and buy it as soon as I can after the trip is booked - it should make life easier if I am taken ill. I’ve had two policies with Direct Travel this year, as I’ve had two trips abroad, one with my mum and one with my sister. That’s my trips abroad done for this year, now to start planning what I want to do next year!

I second the recommendation that anyone travelling in Europe takes an EHIC card. Some travel insurance policies won’t pay out for any treatment that can be had using an EHIC card.

I just did mine a couple of days ago, cost just under £55 for a family of 4 for 2 weeks in France. I also declared intracranial hypertension which they found when doing my LP, and high blood pressure, although I was only treated for that when I was pregnant 10 years ago, but I felt happier declaring everything so they couldn’t turn round and refuse to pay out if I do need to claim. I used comparison websites… There were a couple of quotes a bit cheaper, but I wanted to be sure of being properly covered as I’m newly dx, so went for a mid-range quote. Good luck with finding something, but I’d definitely recommend using the online comparison sites for speed and ease of use.