Holiday insurance !

IT IS SO UNFAIR !!! I have just paid £89.00 for group travel insurance for my friend and I. This includes cover for M.S so if I have to cancel due to ill health we are both covered. If I had booked separately just for me with medical cover it would have been 45.00 and just for my friend without 16.00. I realise that if they have to pay out it’s to both of us but it’s just not fair! My dummy is definitely getting thrown out of the pram today. :frowning: jan Ps, not a bad price for worldwide cover though…

Not a bad price really. Where are you going?

Have fun when you go!

I know and if I remember right it’s about the same as last year. Going to Mexico late August. It’s a long flight but I’m going while I still can, we never know from month to month never mind year to year. Last holiday I hired a wheelchair to be delivered to the hotel the day I arrived. I’d never had to travel with one before and I was unsure about taking my own. This year I feel more confident so taking my own, hopefully I’ll still be able to manage round the hotel without using it too much but I’ll need it for when we leave the hotel. Jan

Hi, Would anyone recommend any Travel Insurance companies in particular please ? I am not on any medication for my MS but have to watch my balance and have tripped up over nothing a few times recently.Im hoping to go to Europe in August.



Try Direct Travel Insurance. They charged me £15 extra to cover my MS and I was able to do the medical declaration online as I bought the policy. For a few days in Italy with Mum, I paid about £45 to cover us both (Mum has no health conditions) and for a couple of days in Switzerland with my sister, I paid just under £30. I remember thinking how daft it was that the supplement for my MS was more than the policy but I doubt I’d have got equivalent cover any cheaper anywhere else.

I went through Money Supermarket comparison site. Found the quote I was happy with, as I was going through the process of buying I noticed a phone number for the broker I was using so I rang them to see if they would price match (online is usually cheaper than getting a quote direct). They came up with the same price and I feel more comfortable dealing with someone on the phone than buying online. The company I chose are called No Limits I have a phone number if you would like it message me. My quote was for worldwide and as I’m traveling with a friend we had to get group cover both of which cost more. I’m sure Europe will be a lot cheaper. Good luck whoever you insure with. Jan