Travel insurance

Hello All

My husband and I are hoping to fly to Rome next April for my birthday, for four nights. Can anyone recommend travel insurance to cover me and my husband please and an idea of price you paid?

Thank you

Hi Blossom

We went to Rome earlier this year and we got travel insurance via the MS Society Website. It was a link to a broker which I think the society get a referral fee. I believe that our ten day trip cost about £70.

One little tip for you if you are thinking of hiring a car to get around, don’t! Their driving skills are insane.

Ooops - just checked my receipt and the cost was actually £28 for the insurance. I thought £70 didn’t sound right.

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Thank you for that

Yes, I know what you mean about the driving-been to Italy before and hired a car…my poor husband

It’s a good few years since we’ve been though. Before my MS days, when life was a bit easier to plan. Now, it’s a nightmare but I’m determined to do it

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So far, we have been given a joint quote for £250-we are only going for 4 nights. I don’t think this trip is going to happen

Anyone else got travel insurance ideas. I should say my husband’s health problems along with mine is not helping things but there must be something cheaper.


I used one of the comparison websites. I have asthma as well as MS so had to declare that too. A 2 day trip to Dublin for my son and I with a couple of health conditions each cost us just under £9 for both of us.


Thank you Tracey and Jen. After much searching, we’ve gone with Saga, recommended by ‘Which’. It’s costing just short of £60 each. It’s a good cover and considering my husband’s health problems along with mine, we are happy :slight_smile:

you can certainly get an annual insurance for travel with a medical condition. i get one for my wife and i through staysure. i take out the world wide option as we go to the USA. very good price for the package too. i pay less than £150 for the two of us and thats with the medical condition. i can travel as many times as i want in the year too. shop about on the comparison web sights and you will be surprised im sure

Hello. I used the comparison sites but they couldn’t offers anything for us. My husband has a unresolved physical health condition, that can result in hospital admissions. Of course, I’m sure many people won’t have problems with travel insurance :slight_smile: