Advice on best travel insuraNCE

Can anyone recommend the best travel insurance? We have found Good to Go Travel and it seems excellent, but am struggling to find reveiws to make an informed decision. The cover is £57.00 for a single trip with no excess. My daughter is going to Vegas and we are trying to make sure we have everything covered.

All I really know about travel insurance for me personally is to make sure MS is covered. I’ve used the advice on the MS Trust website. I can’t remember who the company was, I’m afraid.

The free travel insurance that comes with my boyfriend’s bank account doesn’t so it’s pretty useless for any injuries I may have. Unless I could prove they were non-MS caused I wouldn’t be covered. I have trouble not tripping myself up so got myself some cover to include MS. I could imagine myself - worst case scenario! - tripping over my own feet and needing lots of treatment which wouldn’t be covered.

I had a lovely holiday, and didn’t need any travel insurance at all!

I hope you have a wonderful trip and win millions!

take care, Ellen


I use the travel insurance company recommended by the MS Society - I think they are called Heath and Lambert. The premiums are very competitive and the people you speak to (if you ring) really seem to understand what MS is all about. You can get cover for single trips or an annual policy. They will send you a quote in the post so you can read it at your own pace without feeling pressurised or confused about anything before you decide to buy. NEVER TRAVEL WITHOUT INSURANCE!

I’ve used Columbus direct a couple of times who will cover MS if it is declared upon taking out the insurance. Luckily I have not had to claim so cannot comment upon how good they are if you need to make a claim! Vegas is FAB! Everything is big and they don’t think anything of you getting a cab from one hotel to the next to look around. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for all your feedback!

ive been using club direct for my travel insurance. It really is a good company to use and it isnt that expensive.Have a look online


There’s nothing like fine print and legal talking to put a dampener on a spontaneous venture, but many dispute that if you can’t afford travel cover, you can’t afford to travel. They have a summit, even though finding the best strategy isn’t always easy.