Travel Insurance

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this forum so any advice would be greatly received.

Can anyone advise on companies who provide travel insurance that covers MS?

I get my travel insurance via our bank Barclays, as long as I’ve informed them of the MS and country travelling to theres no increase in premium or restrictions.

Travel insurance, vehicle breakdown, gadget cover, mobile phone cover, home emergency cover, they are all part of the same package, I think its called Barclays Additions Plus.

Theres a monthly fee of around £15.

They do different Addition packages, we’ve had our for years.

Additions Plus was the original name, but I think they’ve changed the packages a bit over the last couple of years, so anyone now adding one of these to their account have to pick from a list different of types of Additions packages, but I think the PLUS package is NOT available anymore, but anyone already on it was allowed to keep it.

The only difference from what I’ve seen is the Home Emergency cover has been dropped from the newer Additions packages, the travel insurance part and other bits is still in all of the packages.

Theres even one that gives access to airport VIP lounges, offering free drinks and food.

It all depends on what Additions package you choose to pay for.

I’m sure other banks offer similar schemes, I know Lloyds do because my father has something similar on his account ?

I haven’t bought separate travel insurance for years, all I do is ring up and let them know where we will be travelling and the dates, but I dont think we even need to that, as long as you’ve informed them of any illness’s when you buy one of these packages they just note it on your policy/account.

Hope this helps.

Hello I have just purchased travel insurance. I tried the companies on here that people mentioned, but they wouldn’t cover my horse riding. So, phoned up the company I used beforehand and offered me cover. Comparable with my non ms friend. Company is called Holidaysafe. They ask a series of questions which were actually more in depth than the other insurers. Good luck and happy travels.

Hi I took new Travel insurance out for last years holiday Legal and General was £100 for me and my partner for two weeks you had to say you have ms and any other ailments and they ask what medication your taking and that was it.

I did it online very easy. Are you going anywhere nice ?

Ann x

I think you need to see what your banks can offer in regards to add on packages to your accounts, its far cheaper and these packages offer other benefits as well, such as travel insurance vehicle breakdown cover, mobile phone insurance and more .

All we had to do was inform the bank of the MS and that was it .