Travel insurance

I have terms. We have had travel insurance with all clear insurance through ms society for last couple of holidays. Last year it was about £85. When we ran for a quote it had more than doubled. We rang Santander for a quote giving them all the information about my condition and the quote was £55 with the same or similar allowances quite a difference!

Sorry that should be rrms. Don’t you love auto correct.

Strange thing about travel insurance is that I have found the banks the easiest to deal with re MS and reasonable costs. Travel agents who you would have thought would be the experts don’t seem to be very helpful and have the right deals in place.


We have yearly travel insurance through Barclays Bank. When I notified them of my RRMS they did not increase the premium and have not excluded it from my cover.

I get my travel insurance from Direct Travel Insurance. For a few days in Switzerland with my sister, the £15 supplement to cover my MS is more than the cost of the policy - and I went for a second-tier rather than a basic policy! I did the health declaration online, easy and convenient.

I wouldn’t buy travel insurance from a travel agent without checking both what cover they offer and how competitive the price is. Ditto the banks. Which? do a report on travel insurance every couple of years so I start with their best buy providers - the do a section on insurers who cover travelkers with medical issues. That is how I found my current insurer.

Another thread reminded me about the EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) I’ve never had to use mine but I’m told it’s useful when in Europe. This card is free but some sites charge so only use the official NHS site when applying. Also for those that do have one check it’s still in date. Jan

Good point - and some travel insurers will only cover medical treatment where the EHIC leaves off. It’s definitely worth taking it when travelling in Europe - and I’m a great believer in “if I take my EHIC, I won’t need it”!