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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has managed to get pre existing medical travel insurance at a decent price with a reputable company please? I have relapse remitting and have had an acute relapse in the last year. I have found some quotes but when I research the company the reviews on claiming are not good. Can anyone help please?

In the past i always used the post office travel insurance and had to make several claims due to cancelling being too ill to travel. I never had any problems with them paying the claim.

I found them quite reasonable in the scheme of things. You just have to go through a quick telephone medical screening where they ask questions like: how many relapses have you had in the past year ?,do you use any mobility aids ?etc.

Where are you travelling to? If it’s within Europe there’s a good company called EHIC Plus where you agree to use your EHIC card for any medical treatment in the country concerned and then it covers you for everything outside that which normal travel insurance covers. In my experience they’re very reasonably priced, even after a normal medical screening.


I`m using Saga…£78 for 2 of us to cruise to Belgium and Guernsey.


Thank you all so very much for your help. I am looking at travelling to Europe over Easter but then Mexico in the summer. I will look at all the above for quotes.

Thank you all again

I have always found the banks the easiest way to cover MS, current arrangement is a fee of £105 per year to add MS to worldwide annual insurance provided ‘’free’’ with our bank account. Quote based on a verbal statement this becomes written in the confirmation. Unfortunately the only test of an insurance policy comes when you have a claim so I cannot offer any comment on your concern re reputable.

I have used ‘good to go’

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Hi there

I got travel insurance for a year with Cover is for Europe and for both of us, with pre existing conditions, it was just under £45.00.

Hope this helps.

We use insurance through Marks & Spencer and they’ve been quite good and not too penal on the mark up for MS.