Travel insurance

Hi my name is Jan and I used to be a member of the forum quite a while ago but work and grandchildren got in the way and I stopped taking part.

My MS hasn’t been too bad until I had quite a bad and unexpected relapse in January. I’m feeling much better apart from being very tired still. I’m hoping someone can help answer a question I have about travel insurance as my husband thinks some sun and something to look forward to will do us both good.

I have been getting some quotes and I have listed my usual health problems and the recent relapse but the amounts are very high - around £300! The problem I’m having is whether the relapse is classed as ‘acute’.

Does anyone know what the definition is of this, or has anyone had the same problem?

Thanks in anticipation


Hi Jana

I had difficulty with my insurance to I have secondary progressive with remitting and relapsing ms Plus a leaking heart valve and a few other conditions most insurance said no inclusing the one I usually get with the MS society insurer. I when with a cancer one called All clear I can not temember for sure if I paid £140 or £240 but it was for multiple trips and an annual policy it might be worth a look. I got it from a recommendation on the cancer websites it seams an extensive policy. It is under demylination on their policy and then you have to answer questions on your ms. Hope that helps sorry to be vague witrh the price my memory is not so good these days.

Thanks Marie

Hi Jan

I recently went to the USA and get cover through Columbus Direct for both myself and my partner (he has no medical conditions). It was for 11 days travel and cost about £85. I did quite a lot of reserach into travel insurance companies and this one came out with good reviews and reasonable prices.