Holiday Travel abroad - insurance

Hey all, Has anyone got an experience travelling abroad with MS and getting insurance. I’ve filling in a couple insuranc quotes and declared everything and it’s a tad more expensive but doesn’t break the bank. I just don’t want to be a horror story owing hundreds of thousands should I ever end up having a relapse severe enough abroad. I’m only enquiring about the future, obviously not during this world crisis we’re all faced with. What are people experiences? Thanks

Go on lots cruises all over the world and for 2 weeks with MS it is about £150 69 years old


yes id do too. my wife and i travel 3 to 4 times a year and i get a 12 month policy for us both. works out cheaper that way if you travel regularly.

Thanks Bert and Mick, whilst being away have you ever had to claimed for anything MS related?

Anyone else with any experience with this.

For general travel insurance (including winter ski) it hasn’t cost me any more to have my MS declared and covered. Focus seems to be on date of the last replace and level of support needed for walking. It did cost about £50 more to have the condition covered for some specialist insurance for a mountain hiking holiday in the Alps.

Thanks Katy that’s really reassuring.