Travel Insurance

Firstly Happy New Year to everyone.

I wonder if anyone on here can advise. I was diagnosed with ms end of September 2017, I haven’t had a need to take out travel insurance for just under 3 years so haven’t had to declare ms or indeed the prior investigations.

Im really hoping on going on a riding holiday next year , we’ll 2018, as I’m a keen horse rider and really not sure how long I will be able to continue so don’t want to keep putting it off.

Ive looked at the MS Society website and plugged in details for one of the listed insurers. However, at the moment I’m not on any Dmd, I’ve just had another mri scan so I’m not sure if I’ll be offered them after the results. But my next appointment is not for months - after my intended travel dates. So I wonder if anyone can answer the following questions:

Any insurers out there which are better than others for people with ms.

Does it make a difference if you are on DMD or not? I feel in limbo again as I feel I can’t answer the questions with any certainty, i.e not on dmd now but one of the insurers small prints stated that if your circumstances changed between taking out the insurance and before travel they could decide to pull the cover, riding holidays are not cheap and I can’t afford to run that risk.

Any advice would be appreciated.


When I renewed our annual policy and updated them with my medical details it was fairly straightforward. I’ve only currently got a CIS diagnosis but they had to screen me as MS. Weren’t that interested with what DMT I was on. Asked about relapse, mobility and care needs.

Edited to add that if your circumstances change after you’re insured and you book you holiday, the insurance should pay out but might not cover you to go. If that makes sense. You just need to be honest when you arrange travel insurance.

We have travel insurance through our bank, we pay a fee each month which gives us travel insurance, gadget insurance, RAC breakdown and other bits and pieces. When we travel abroad I let the company know about the MS but it doesn’t affect the policy at all, its just a good idea to have it on record that you’ve informed them.

Thanks for the replies. I re-read the small print and as you say if my circumstances do change and I’ve booked the holiday they would pay for the cancellation,which makes more sense, thought it was a bit unfair before! Interesting point that smurf makes about the cis, I was wondering about that as I had hoped to go last year but couldn’t afford it and that was my status until recently. I’ve decided that I’m going this year, only live once!

In 2011, I rang my insurers in case the recent diagnosis of MS affected my annual premium. They only asked when was the last relapse and how long did it last. I said I’d never had a relapse but MS diagnosed after scans and tests by my Neuro Consultant. There was no extra charge & only slight increases for the following 3 or 4 years.

By 2015, my Neuro confirmed my MS is Primary Progressive. A type which doesn’t really have remissions & we’d stopped overseas travel.

It may be worth getting quotes from various good reputation insurers with Horse Riding added on, as well as MS Specialist Insurers (who are higher premium).

But, Chatterbox, whatever you choose, please Book The Horse Riding Holiday. Not only will natural Vit D from the sun help your MS, you know how alive & free horse riding is, that the euphoric feeling you experience is priceless! Enjoy everything every day! You’re positive attitude will serve you well.

Chris x

Thank you Chris. Are you a horse rider? I always check out the details - I had to pay about 200 pound for insurance on my last riding holiday to South Africa about eight years ago due to the fact we were going to try polo cross and we were riding for 8 days, standard insurance only seems to cover 5 days. I’d put that off for years as well due to the cost but I’m glad I went now as I don’t think I’d handle the long flight anymore. This riding holiday should be more relaxed, I hope! Think I will do as you say and speak to a human in the insurance company. Thanks again and happy new year - hope the weather improves not much riding going on with the gale force winds and rain!

A bit off subject but same area. When I informed my life insurance company about my MS it made no difference at all to the premium on renewal. They were more concerned about my blood pressure, which did make a difference to the premium.

Typical eh, jactac, a medical condition of high b.p. would be considered higher risk to the insurers.

Yes, C.Chick, I began in 1960, aged 8. The last time I rode was in mid 1983 aged 31. The horse was large and bolted from unexpected tractor noise but I managed to control it with reins back to gallop, canter, trot & stop.

PPMS has affected my body & my lifestyle but I remember my first horse riding lesson. Knowing the fab feeling I truly hope you can get the right insurance cover at the right price…Then enjoy every second!

Thanks Chris. Yes i’ve had a few near misses and falls over the years. In fact my dad blamed my vision loss initially on the falls from the horses , although I hadn’t had a fall for a while. Neuro corrected him on that one! Funny how I’ve had falls in work (nothing to do with ms - I used to work on construction sites as an Engineer) and my parents always blame the horse riding.