Travel insurance

Booked to go see some of the Rugby World Cup in Japan and Staysure go and remove MS from my cover as a new Neurologist booked me for an MRI as he wanted to get better acquainted with my case and Staysure wanted the results.

Got the results and informed Staysure now they are asking for more information as they really don’t understand that with PPMS we don’t tend to have relapses!

The holiday is due to be paid on Tuesday!!

Oh and in the 3 years since my last MRI there are “new plaques”

Hi. I would be very reluctant to go anywhere if ms wasn’t covered on my travel insurance. If you fell and broke your leg they could turn around and blame it on your balance problems caused by ms. That’s my opinion though after fighting my mortgage critical illness insurance who didn’t want to pay out even though I was diagnosed with ms which was a listed diagnosis. They try to wriggle out of paying any claim. Would it be worth looking at some other policies? At the end of the day it’s your decision, but I know that health care can be very expensive.

Take care and good luck with it. I hope you enjoy the trip.


My thoughts exactly, anything they could use they would. Got sorted but expensively as short notice but will be looking at alternatives for next trip

Is travel insurance different to car insurance? The reason I ask is that my car insurance isn`t affected by my diagnosis of MS.

Scudger your car insurance provider must be notified that you have ms and that you’re on a limited license. They also need to know of any adaptations to your vehicle if you need any. I have found it a bit more expensive to get insurance but as far as I’m aware they can’t penalise you in a claim as long as dvla is aware of your diagnosis and medication if you’re taking any. I was frightened they’d take my license away as I’m on opiates and not in small dosages but they contacted my Neuro who vouched for me and I’ve now been given a five year license instead of the usual three. I’ve not needed to claim on my insurance but I’ve never hidden my diagnosis or meds. Hope this helps.


Yes they have been notified and Im on a 3 year license.Shopping around as I do every year. Ive managed to get it cheaper than it was last year despite my diagnosis with the same company.

Just proves what a rip off insurance is.