Insurance policies

Hope you don’t mind a rant. Got back from Edinburgh Tattoo this evening - excellent by the way, to find a letter from my mortgage insurance company. I have critical illness cover which should pay out for ms which my LP proves I have, my Neuro confirmed PPMS but they are not paying but waiting for me to see my new Neuro to assess my ADL. They want to contact him before I see him.

Please tell me if this is acceptable.


Cath xx

Hi Cath, Insurance companies are notorious wrigglers but I really can’t see how they could possibly wriggle out of this one. I would have thought waiting for you to see new neuro is simply delaying tactics. As to them contacting your neuro first…maybe it’s normal practice I really don’t know…to me it doesn’t sound acceptable and at the very least I would want a copy of the letter. Glad you had a good time in Edinburgh. Once again GOOD LUCK with your claim. Nina x

It’s perfectly normal with any claim of this type that they’ll contact your consultant so don’t worry about that one.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve read about CIC being paid on RRMS once it’s “proven” to be RRMS (i.e. relapses have to occur and periods of remission) so I’m guessing that they might take a little bit of time over it as PP too as it is different.

Good luck

Sonia x