Critical illness with Aviva

Hi fellow MSers.

So, I did it, I made a claim last Wednesday. Well, I know they will contact the GP, possibly the neurologists too (I have seen two neurologists so far). It’s the waiting game now. I hope to hear back soon. Any recent experiences with Aviva CI claim? I read some old posts but I hope to talk to others who have made a claim. How did your case go?
I read that they pay out in 92% of the cases for MS.

What I am not sure is: do they pay out a standard lump sum for MS or everyone’s lump sum is different? Sorry, I may be asking a stupid question. :upside_down_face:



Your policy should set out what cover you’ve paid for and how much you should expect to get on being diagnosed with a qualifying condition.

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Thank you, Alison. I am going to review previous paperwork.

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Hello fellow MSers. I decided to update this post, as it may help someone. This afternoon I heard from the Insurer, via email. They confirmed that they received the forms and they have reached out to the GP to collect the information. They mentioned that it may take time for the GP to write back, although they will ensure that the GP has received the request. I am not sure how fast the GP will respond. Time will tell.

Now, let’s wait and see. That may take time. So, I am here eating popcorn. :laughing:

Best regards

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Good luck hope you get sorted. Have a claim for Ci with L&G ongoing since diagnosed PPMS last June they had all the info before Xmas then asked for my medical records which they now have saying my case now back of queue as deal with information when received in order. Totally unacceptable been out of work since diagnosed had to surrender HGV licence feeling really low about this and MS symptoms getting worse been told to keep making monthly payments while case being investigated at the point now can’t afford to… Help.

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I recently claimed in my Ci with L&G; it only took six weeks until they paid.

They were very polite and sympathetic through the whole process.

Have you spoke to them ?

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Sorry to hear. They may be a bit slow. I would chase if I were you.

In my case, I am not even sure they will ever contact the neurologists (I have 2). Maybe contacting the GP will be enough.

You may eventually get this money back (I am referring to the latest payments).

Wow glad to hear that 6 weeks
Over 6 months for me and still ongoing rang them several times keep saying there is a backlog and understaff. Did they request your medical records? Any advice

The only thing I did was to contact my GP to expedite the required medical information.

Finally heard back from L&G after 8 months have rejected my claim said did not answer questions in application collect.
Took policy out in January 2016 was diagnosed last June. In 2014 was seen my a consultant for numbness in big toe had MRI lumber spine only told had trapped nerve and worned discs and to manage it. Str

Same consultant diagnosed me with PPMS last June. Told L&G about the trapped in spine on Application form but not about the numbness. In a very bad place over this have mortgage and now out off work… Is there anything I can on…

When I made my claim L&G made me a payment but not in full because I hadn’t told them I’d had a B12 injection in the past I was going to accept it but someone suggested that I called the financial ombudsman, they were really helpful and easy to deal with.
Just a couple of weeks later I was informed that they would pay in full plus interest for the time that they had withheld the payment

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Update: the GP has not shared the information yet. When I chased, the secretary told me that they have 30 working days to share this information.

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