Critical Illness - again!

Hello, this my first post an this excellent forum! I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in 2009 when I was 41 after a decade of ‘odd symptoms’. Some time after diagnosis I unsuccessfully filed a critical illness claim - a process that dragged on for almost 18 months! The final decision could have been made within weeks of my clain being filed!

Since then I’ve experienced a variety of different & more obvious symptoms which caused me some concern & I’ve also been told that a progressive form of the disease can no longer be ruled out. At the moment I’m taking medication to fight fatigue that was prescribed by my neurologist, I experience restricted mobility & difficulty walking more than a few hundred metres (which has been helped with neurophysiotherapy) & I’m also taking a mild anti-depressant to help lift my mood. I’m also taking a high daily dose of Vitamin D on the recommendation of my consultant.

Against my better judgement, I grudgingly filed a new critical illness claim in January & the insurance company have told me the process is almost complete; the consultants report was received last month & all of the relevant information is has been with their ‘claims management’ section since early April.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up but is there ever likely to be an end to this? Every time I see light at the end of the tunnel my hopes are dashed! A successful claim would be a game changer for me - there will be no fancy holidays or cars but my mortgage could be reduced massively & a huge weight lifted from my shoulders!

I honestly can’t see why they won’t pay out as long as your original application form was completed 100% honestly and you now fit the criteria for a claim - normally this is something like having a confirmed diagnosis by a specialist and symptoms which have been consistent for a period of at least six months - or something similar (check your policy wording as this will tell you). I can’t understand why some insurance companies have to take so long. My bigger policy paid out after 13 DAYS and the second (much smaller) took three months, which is still fairly OK. It just adds stress to an already stressful situation. Good luck and fingers crossed x

Hi Paul. I have PPMS and my critical illness policy gave me the run around. It took me 8 months after the first 2 years where they covered my mortgage while I was in limbo. It was extremely stressful and like you I never thought they’d ever settle but keep on with your claim. I can only suggest you contact the financial ombudsmen as they write to your insurers and light fires under rear ends. It was only after that that I got my settlement. You need to have as much proof as you can get from your doctors to validate your diagnosis and if you’re struggling financially let them know as they can fast track your claim but they may check your financials so don’t try it on with them.

I hope this helps, good luck and please don’t let them muck you around or not pay out. No matter how severely you’re affected you have ms which is a critical illness. Take care.

Min xx

Thank you for the supportive posts! I feel that I was very ignorant when I claimed the first time but I’ve learned a lot more about the mysteries of MS in the last year. I was able to complete the new claim form from a much stronger position in terms of knowledge & understanding. The form was 100% honest & it made quite depressing reading once filled out! I will keep fighting & I will update this thread as things develop!