I was diagnosed with RRMS in march and was advised about critical illness I submitted a claim in May. Just wondering does anyone else have any experience of how long claims take or any experience of non payment.

many thanks


I submitted a claim in approx October (end of, I think), and it was settled at Christmas.


Took only 7 weeks, the only thing that holds it up is the neuros report, you should have a number of the admin person dealing with it, if you haven’t heard after 8 weeks you can give them a ring to find out what’s holding it up. My company were very helpful and even rang me to tell me it was approved.
Good luck with it,
Chis x


I agree with Chris that it is likely to be the neurologist's report that might delay things.  Mine took about 3 months but about 2 months of that was due to waiting for the neuro to submit his report.  I chased his secretary and in the end she was helpful and sent me a copy of his letter to vet before it went off.  I suggest you call your insurance company to check whether or not they have received your GP and neurologist's reports.  You will have to keep on paying your premiums whilst the claim is 

As for non-payment - you have applied promptly, and I assume you have checked your policy to ensure that MS is covered, so the only grounds for non-payment would be non-disclosure of any neurological diagnosis/symptoms at the time of taking out the policy.  But it is probably just held up in your neuro's office.

Good luck with it





We had 2 Critical Illness policies one with the bank for our mortgage and one with my work.  It took about 2 months for the one at the bank to pay out but the one at my work didn't :(

I am currently 4months since making the claim. They do ring to keep telling me they have chased the neuro again,and on sat I recieved a copy of the letter the neuro intends sending,so hopefully not much longer.

It did take me a phone call to the secretary this morning to read it to me I still wont hold my breath!!

Good luck