Critical Illness policy

Got diagnosed in June of this year and have put a claim in for critical illness, but still waiting, took ages for consultant to do the report and now its been sent to insurance co, not enough information, no copies of my MRI results, brain scans anything, they asked me if I had copies, AS IF, getting really frustrated at the mo, cant get hold of my consultant secretary, always goes to answer machine, so leave a message and no reply, have just sold my home as we need something smaller but everything seems to take forever, WHY, I’m still paying the premiums, just wondering if anyone out there has had similar problems?? Thanks x

I put my c.i claim in at the end of may. I’m still not sure if they’re going to pay out. My neuro’s secretary just keeps banging on about how busy he is. He has had it on his desk since the beginning of august and he’s been working on it for weeks… Or so they say. The only thing they seem to say is medical reports are not a priority. Well, the thing that gets me is the c.i company are not offering him a ‘fixed’ fee to complete the report. They said “charge us what you feel is acceptable” … I’m surprised they haven’t received an invoice for £500. Suz xx

I claimed on my critical illness over 10 years ago and it seemed to take forever. One obstruction after another. It wasn’t a huge sum of money but stilll the insuance company were painful. I think tenacity is the key.


No, but if I were you I’d write to him, send it recorded delivery. Phone calls are too easy to ignore. Then chase it up a few days later. Put it to him that you are suffering incredible hardship and the stress is making your conditon worse, or words to that effect.

There are also Patient Liaison Groups in hospitals, perhaps you could look them up. However as you need him to do something I would err on the side of being ultra polite and appealing to their better nature. Rather than stomping your foot, which I think you have every right to do.

His time is no more valuable than yours.

Good luck.


I had it on my morgage and the hold up was from neuro’s office. Chase them up and see if they have replied to all the letters they have recieved. They paid out in about 3 months and it was a blessing to know it was sorted. Good luck with it all.


Thank you all for your helpful comments, gonna try and send in a ltr to chase it up, it is mega stressing me out now…but once again, thanks for all your helpful replies xx