Critical Illness forms

I’m wondering if most of you that have claimed on your critical Illness policies had to wait ages for your neurologist to fill in the forms?

I totally understand that the Neurologist is very busy and is looking after very ill people,

However he has been sent the original forms and 2 reminders by the company and i have called the MS nurse who is trying to help and speak to him and email him. Everything i read about MS mentions that reducing stress is a must but this has to be my main source at present. Its now nearly 3 months since the originals were sent out, am i expecting to much ?

Hi. I’m also struggling with the critical illness claim on my mortgage insurance, but was told that the Neuro should have two weeks to reply. I wonder if your Neuro requires payment for filing the forms in. It might be worth contacting the hospital he/she works at and asking to be out through to their Secretary. They would probably be the best people to talk to. Hope this helps. Min

I have already called his secratery and asked about it, as he works at a few different location was was going to leave a message but said the like of these forms woud come in but not be opned and go directly to him, Also all staff that deal with him tell me that he is really bad and slow and doing things like this, however thats is goo to know but does not help me. Luckily i have been able to come back to work so the worry is a little less but with not know when/if the next relapse is near i would be good to get it done and dusted, if they dont pay out i will at least know i have to keep working, if they do i have options and what i can do to relieve stress and help myself.


Not going to be much help to you I guess, but my neurologist was not even consulted, to the best of my knowledge.

I did give my permission, but reserved the right to see anything he said before he sent it, and nothing ever came for my review, so I assumed they had not asked.

I think they were able to get it all from my GP’s notes, because they contained copies of all my test results, and my neuro’s conclusions, including a very unambiguous letter of diagnosis. So I suppose they must have found that clear and convincing enough, and didn’t need to approach him with any queries.


Hi Anitra, i wish that was the case but the company have told me they have already recieved the GP information but waiting on the Neurolgist, i will keep chasing through the MS nurse and will call his receptionist again and see how things go. An annoying point is that he actually said to me when i went in and got diagnosed that at least i would be able to get the critical illness policy moving!!! I know he is supposed to be an excellent neurologist but its very frustrating i kow that, god knows what it would be like if i were unable to work~!!!

You have got it hard. My Neuro appears to be doing everything right but my insurers are playing silly b…s. I have been retired due to ill health and as a single parent and sole earner things are really tight. There isn’t much more I can suggest except to complain to someone at the hospital, but that would mean lodging a complaint. Could your gp have a word as this is causing stress which you should be avoiding?

Sorry, I contacted the financial ombudsmen as it’s my insurers not my doctor but your case is very different. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Your process might help someone else. At least you know you have a valid claim and I found out they have to reimburse all the interest you’ve paid in from the start of your claim too though it doesn’t help at the moment. Min x

I’m waiting on mine, Consultant been away for 3 weeks and my GP just slow to respond. Not sure how long they take after they have the reports back though but I can agree that this is the part that is the most stressful. My stomach is on a rollercoaster as to whether we’ll get the payout or not.

If I don’t it will upset me no end as we pay for the insurance in good faith and I honestly had no hint of MS prior to January of this year but I’m sure they’ll find some loophole to avoid it.

Hope things start moving quicker for you and you hear back very soon x

Good luck to all of you. I did get paid out with legal and general but it took 3 months of sleepless nights,what if’s etc. They picked up on something in my medical notes that happened 11 years ago! My gp was fab but my neuro has retired and my new one who I haven’t met yet must have been good on the forms. Good luck hun, have everything crossed for you xx