Critical illness

If you’ve been referred to a neurologist for review, is it then too late to take out critical illness cover even if you haven’t yet seen a neurologist?

If you have been referred to a neuro then I would expect insurance companies to rule out any claim for neurological conditions, even if you haven’t seen anyone. Insurance companies would probably look ya GP medical records when assessing a claim. Non neurological conditions may still be covered. Regards Neil

Just been through the claim process, you’ll be wasting time, they’ll see this and instantly throw the claim out, they are very,very thorough .

I’m quite annoyed at myself as I has all the forms to complete for critical illness at the end of feb/beginning of March and decided it was just too expensive for us at the moment. Until this episode of symptoms, they had all been written off as anxiety based. Now it’s too late, whatever the results :confused: