I wonder if anyone has experience of taking out health insurance after their diagnosis?

I did have critical illness cover prior to my diagnosis but unfortunately due to bad timing my insurance company would not pay out.

I was diagnosed in 2016 and (touch wood) haven’t relapsed since before I was diagnosed. I generally keep well and haven’t had to take time off work since my first known relapse in 2014.

My question is, is anyone aware of insurance that exists which would pay out should my symptoms get dramatically worse while I’m still working age or while my daughter is under 18?

I know it’s probably a long shot but thought it might be worth asking. It’s very frustrating situation when having had critical illness cover for many years and due to circumstances out with my control my claim was declined. I guess I’m maybe clutching st straws now.

I wonder why your CI claim was not honoured. I think that if you’re involved with neurologists the Insurance Companies are very wary !

I really struggled to get life insurance recently (had ms for 10ish years). I have now managed to get some after being turned down by many, but it is really quite expensive. My husband (also has MS) hasn’t been able to gt any at all and has given up.

£33 per month For £75000 of joint cover with Aviva over 25 years. MS declared along with high blood pressure, it was the high blood pressure that actually increased the monthly premium not the MS. Aviva even paid for me to have a medical, which actually highlighted the high blood pressure. I initially tried a few “specialist” companies but they were far too expensive, even the ones recommended by the MS Society that offered “special” rates to the Society members, yeah right !!! Shop around yourself and avoid the so called specialist companies, they are a con, and play on your condition.

Hello everyone, I am new to the forum. I had my first relapse in 1998. To cut along story short badly managed and wrongly diagnosed with sarcoidosis. I have felt unwell for the past 20 years, all kinds of symptoms and what I now realise as relapses. I had a bad relapse at the end of last year, was in hospital for a week. I have still not fully recovered. I am now going through the stressful process of early retirement for I’ll health, my ms consultant is supporting me with this I was wondering if anyone had any advice on the freedom disability pass. I applied and was refused. I am thinking about challenging the decision, as I now have a new report from my consultant supporting my I’ll health retirement. Also, should I point out that I am being discriminated against under the disability act.

Hello Chris

Welcome to the forum. You’ve had a hell of a bad time with your misdiagnosis. Hopefully you’re recovering from the bad relapse well.

As a newbie, you’ve not figured out how it works yet (not surprising - it’s a bit confusing at first). What you’ve done is to answer a post on a different subject to the one you wanted advice on (it was all about life insurance).

The way the way to get assistance on a specific topic is to start up a new thread. To do this, hit the button marked New Thread, give it a relevant title, then repeat your post.

I’m sure you’ll get answers re the Freedom Pass, sorry I can’t help with that.