Critical illness insurance

Hi there everyone

Could anyone please recommend an insurance company that would insure me (or at least take a view) for critical illness cover to protect my wages / mortgage if I’m unable to work for an extended period of time?

I have mild RRMS (diagnosed around 3 years ago but most likely had it for at least double that length of time). I’ve not had a major relapse for 3 years and am currenly taking weekly Avonex. I work full time in an office job.

I tried Fish Insurance (who work with Vitality Insurance) but they no longer offer critical illness cover for ANY illness. Allegedly this was something that came as a shock to the Fish Insurance staff one morning when they went into work. As I had already applied prior to the change my application is “in the pipeline” - but it’s been in the pipeline for 3 months now, so I don’t hold out much hope.

I don’t require life insurance cover as my employer covers me for a death-in-service benefit.

Many thanks


There are quite a few insurers that do critical illness cover Jon, however you will know they will not cover MS since you have a diagnosis. They will cover other nasties though, have a look & see what advice the MS society can provide or try all the usual 1s on the internet, I’m sure some of them will offer cover in case (heaven forbid) any other illness strikes. Tracey