Hi everyone never posted before but was just wondering if anyone has has got insurance such as critical illness and about roughly how much did anyone pay after diagnosis of ms. Thanks guys!

Hi I was fortunate enough to be able to claim on a policy when I was diagnosed, and decided to replace the cover afterwards. I was point blank refused critical illness cover (I never expected it to cover MS, but thought I could get something!) and my life cover is now around twice the price! The actual price will also depend on age, gender, whether you smoke and other medical issues so you’ll need to talk to an insurer for a quote. I pay £15 per month for £100k of life cover as a 32 year old female non smoker. Should have been £7!! HTH


It depends on the insurance underwriting departments which vary from company to company. The main thing is to disclose all your medical history and let them take it from there.

Price is important but also look at the quality of the company. Sometimes you will find certain insurance companies will always appear the cheapest . However, after underwriting add/load extra to the premium which could turn out more than the expensive original quotes.

I’m an independent financial planner (mainly long term care and trust/iht) and have access to the various underwriting departments.

I will forward your question to the various underwriters and will post their replies. Hopefully this will give you an idea what they will be looking for.

I have found this a fantastic website for help and information and hope to offer some help in return. Insurance is something I know about and will try and help.

As promised, I have received a few replies from various insurance companies and hope they are useful.

  1. A rating would be applicable for all MS cases.Terms are dependant on the type and the severity of the condition.

    Generally, speaking, a minimum rating of +50/75% would be applicable for a mild form of relapsing-remitting MS, and +200% minimum for secondary progressive.Please note that there is also the possibility that cover could be declined if severe form.Critical illness is an automatic decline.Please note that this information is for guidance only and is subject to review.

  2. For life cover we can consider terms when the diagnosis is of relapsing remitting MS, and the diagnosis was made over 1 year ago. We would require a GP report, with the best case scenario being standard terms, in the majority of cases we would apply a rating, or the information could lead to a decline. In particular we take into account when the most recent episode of symptoms occured, whether any ongoing signs are present and severity/restriction of function.We are unable to offer cover for any other form of MS.Critical illness cover would always be declined. This is for guidance only.