life insurance advice


I currently have life insurance but was wanting to get a new one with Critical Illness cover. I believe some places offer this providing I omit MS from this cover. Have you got any advice on places to try for a pre-exiting condition quote? The last place I used doesn’t seem to exist anymore sadly.

thank you!

Amanda xxx

Hi Amanda,

Not sure i can help,but you must have felt lonely for a while.

Why not try the MS society insurance,i got the cheapest when i got my insurance from them.

If no one else chips in give them a try.



As Chris suggested, it is probably worth contacting the MS Society:

Sorry I haven’t got first hand experience of using them

I am living with relapsing remitting MS and am looking to arrange life insurance but all the quotes I have received recently are really high monthly payments (£96). Can anyone suggest a trustworthy company that I look into.

I found that going to life insurance companies via the MS Society was incredibly expensive.

It was clearly cheaper and easier to ring around myself and get quotes.

We pay £33 for a joint cover policy Aviva which includes my MS & high blood pressure onto the policy.

Critical illness was not offered to myself, but was to my wife.

These so called “Specialist Illness” insurance companies just play on the fact that you have an illness and use it to hike up the premiums.

Aviva also paid for me to have a quick medical at my GP’s

Thanks!! I will give Aviva a try. Only looking for single cover for myself, so hopefully should get a good quote.