life insurance

Can anyone recommend decent company that will offer life insurance policy to people with MS at reasonable premium. I have RRMS (could be re-classified as benign as thankfully no relapses for years) and quotes received astronomically high. Currrently buying house and wife and i need to get life insurance and critical illness cover just in case

Recently did the same as hubby and I purchased a house too. My husband couldn’t get cover with anyone and has given up (he has MS and liver problems). I just have MS and got turned down by a lot of companies. In the end I managed to get cover with Aviva but I couldn’t afford the critical illness cover alongside it.

Hello Been there and done it but now over 65 and not buying any more houses. Last time I took life insurance We were in our late thirties and after 5 years, we cancelled as it was dead money if you forgive the pun. MS does not kill or reduce your life expendancy ,so I thing it is a waste of your well eared money Do not buy any of these insurance products for appliances or household problems all a waste of time Spend the money on a better kitchen and do not waste money on, as you said, just in case, it won`t happen you will live well into old age. Bertie

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