Life Insurance & MS

Why is it that no one will give you life insurance when you have MS?? I wont have anything to leave my children without it apart from a few small things I’ve left for them in my will. It really stinks I didn’t ask for MS and it’s not life threataning is it? Any advice would be most welcome Thanks x

Most companies would consider giving you life insurance but exclude MS or MS related conditions.

Maybe try a broker?

Or this link to insurance supports for people with MS

Meme Thank you I’ll take a look x

I managed to get life insurance from Aviva and it only cost £16 a month for £50k joint cover with my husband however MS is excluded from the policy but as you say yourself MS is very rarely life threatining so I am not really concerned and at least there will be something for my children when I am no longer here. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t easy and I had to go for a medical but even with the MS problems I have they still accepted me so maybe try them and see how you get on. Good luck

Thanks Claire I do know that the ones I’ve tried have written to my doctor I often wonder what she has told them!! But I will take a look at Aviva thank you xx

You can get life insurance it just costs a heckuva lot more. I recently had a quote from Aviva and they knew that I has SPMS. This was a death only type – no benefits.

The other option is to get insurance that does not ask for medical details. Axa sunlife for example but there are lots of others. Tesco do one I think.