Life Insurance

Hi all,

I am thinking of going self employed and work as a contractor in the oil and gass industry, the industry I am currently employed in. Obviously to do this I would need general life insurance. Does anyone know if the insurance companies can refuse insurance or increase the costs because I have ms?

I’ve recently looked at insurance with an independent advisor (who also has MS) which resulted in him saying “don’t cancel any current life policies as you simply won’t get any new policies due to having been diagnosed with MS” Would be interested to hear if anyone has been able to activate a new policy. Not brilliantly helpful, sorry. All the best Paul

Hi both I had problems with getting life insurance because i didnt have a diagnosis. Then when I was diagnosed i had no problem getting it. It costs 3 times more than my other halves but was advised to get it because of taking out a mortgage. Hope this helps

Hi folks. I have just this week applied for term life insurance through the MS Society Insurance Section and they are able to send you the appropriate application form, specifically geared for people with MS. But, like SammieJo says, it costs more than non MS premiums.

I was able to get life insurance through L&G, but the premium was 50% higher than for a healthy person. MS isn’t terminal, so there should be cover out there if you shop around, but it will be more expensive. My premiums are £15 per month for £100k of cover over 20 years, for a (then) 32 year old female non-smoker with a confirmed MS diagnosis. Add-on benefits like critical illness and waiver of premium benefit will be rejected as far as I’m aware. Hope that helps

I recently had one of those financial reviews at my bank (Nat West) They were convinced they could do my life insurance cheaper than my current provider (Zurich) All went well with the MS thing and they gave me a reasonable quote until we got to the Secondary Progressive bit. Then it was like a builder sucking air through teeth. The quote they had given me doubled !!!

So, insurance with MS is more expensive, with secondary progressive its extortionate!


Wow Choccyholic

I was quoted last week £30 per month for 7 years cover for £17000. Mind you, I will be 63 on 24th March and as my dear wife pointed out, what premium do I expect at my age. Having said that, 10 years ago I was quoted £200 per month for £120000 cover over 15 years so, you have done well getting the cover you achieved.