Life insurance

Hi everyone, I know this may sound like a stupid question but will it be possible to get life insurance even though I have ms?

I’m 42 and diagnosis was in September.

There are so many things to do and take care of I think my head is going you explode! It would be great if there was a place you could pop into and just have a good scream!

I would be eternally grateful for any info guys.

Hope you are well…Paul

Hi Paul, scream away hun! This is the place to do it where no-one will think you`re going daft or owt!

I`ve seen it on here several times, about life insurance for MSers.

I dont have MS, but HSP, so cant help. But I know you`ll get some useful replies soon.

luv Pollxx

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Thanx poll! Fingers crossed I’ll get everything sorted. oh! just remembered fingers numb so can’t do that lol

I’ll also look on the site and see. Thanx again poll! Hope you are well. … Paul xx

Hi Paul

The answer is yes you can still get life insurance but the rates may be a bit higher and the terms different. The best thing is to take Independent financial advice (IFA) and find yourself a broker (find a local one online or the CAB will have a list or your bank).They will then trawl the industry for you and find you the best company.

Get your broker to give you at least 4-5 different quotes and make sure they discuss all the small print with you. Taking IFA and finding a broker is easy and costs you nothing.

I’m a similar age to you, was diagnosed at the same time as you and have used the forum to ask questions, shout, scream and find hope. Go ahead and scream as much as you like.

I wish you all the best.