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Can anyone recommend a good insurance company for somone with ms. I’m fit and able now. I’m just worried about whos going to pay the bills if I cant work for 6 months ect ect

Do you have House Insurance? They sometimes have a section and provide a limited amount.

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Mmmm, tough one.

Life insurance not so much, but getting cover for critical illness or cover for being unable to work due to illness or injury might be a bit more difficult.

We have life insurance with Aviva.
Our previous life insurance was with Legal & General, which was term insurance for 25 years, so when it was due for renewal I started to look round for another company because by then the MS had been diagnosed.
I kick myself now for not taking out critical illness cover when we first took out the policy, because I could of claimed when the MS was diagnosed…
Anyway, long story short, it took a while to get a new life policy after the original ran out, more to do with our age and other conditions rather than the MS.
We finally went with Aviva, but even then it was a bit long winded with medicals and clauses ect, but no company would now offer critical illness cover or cover for not being able to work due to illness (loss of earnings).
This WAS due to the MS.

As a rule most insurance companies dont regard MS as a life shortening illness but they do regard it as an illness that will most likely cause you to claim for loss of earnings (ie having to give up work), hence not offering that type of cover, or critical illness cover.

Thing is you will need to declare the MS when taking out this type of insurance because the insurance company will have access to medical records, so in the event of a claim everything will be open for them to view.

Even something like home insurance that might have some sort of loss of earnings cover will have a clause in the small print that declines existing illness, otherwise we would all be taking out just home insurance to cover loss of earnings.
Unfortunately insurance companies do not make it that easy !

I’ll be very surprised but interested if you declare the MS and still manage to find cover for critical illness or loss of earnings due to illness for a reasonable premium.

I even tried “specialist” medical insurance companies, who did offer life insurance but even they would not cover loss of earnings or critical illness, plus they are far more expensive as they call themselves “specialist”.
I would advise anyone with MS looking for life insurance to avoid these money grabbers and enquire with your normal insurance providers.

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Thanks for your reply mate, given me loads to think about. I have one insurance company that reckon they can cover me but no payouts for ms for the first year, which is fair enough. They are going to talk to my gp and get back to me

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Hi there
If you have any update I would love to hear. Which insurance company are you liaising with?

I used Aviva.
I just rang around all the “known” companies after initially trying a “specialist” company that was suggested by the MS Society.
I think at the time you had favourable rates if you were direct to them by this site, yeah right !!!

I would avoid these so called specialist companies who just hike up the premiums by saying they specialise in providing cover for medical illnesses such as MS.

The premiums with the one I looked at via the MS Society had their premiums 3 times more expensive than Aviva and offered less cover !!

Makes you wonder if the MS Society are paid a fee if a person looking for the insurance mentions who suggested the company or take out a policy.

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Will aviva cover my loss of earnings if I’m out of work for 6 months from an ms attack?

I’ll keep you posted mate

I’m soo sorry that you have been struck by this terrible disease.

Oh, no, I’m so sorry…Your concern is justified.

i believe you have House Insurance. Sometimes they provide themselves, though I don’t know how good the companies are

Absolutely, planning ahead is essential, especially with MS. For insurance, consider reputable companies like Aviva, Legal & General, and Bupa. They offer various plans catering to different needs. It’s crucial to compare options and choose a plan that suits you best. Also, check out for their insurance plans; they have many options; I use this company personally. Take your time to explore and find the right coverage for your peace of mind. Good luck!