Travel Insurance (sorry if this has been done before!)

Hi all Sorry if this has been done before, but I was after some names of holiday insurance companies to research costs. We came back from Menorca on Friday (first foreign trip with my four and two year old) and had such a fab time we’ve already booked next years break!!! This years insurance was easy as the holiday was booked before I had any symptoms or investigations, but now I have my MS diagnosis it all gets more complicated. The travel company offered to cover me for an extra £35 on top of the normal premium, but this would not include cancellation cover, which is what I really want in case of a severe relapse shortly before travelling. So has anyone used anyone other than the MS Society? There’s is comprehensive but seems expensive, especially as (so far) my life has been relatively unaffected except during my two/three? (short) relapses. I’ll need cancellation cover of £2500 (first time away in school holidays…yuck!) plus the usual stuff. Thanks Emma x

Hi Emma, I don’t know the answer but will be watching with interest, thanks for posting, Chis

Yes, what Chris said!..sorry I can’t help.

I have travel insurance with HSBC. I have disclosed ms. Premium remained the same as I have had no disabling relapses. They were great when we needed to claim over £1000 when travel plans went astray over a cancelled flight. Min xx

Thank you…is it an annual policy then? Thinking that might be the best option now to save the hassle every year!