Travel insurance

Just booked our first holiday since diagnosis - should I be expecting a nasty shock with the travel insurance now? Has anyone got any recommendations for companies to use? Many thanks.

I used allclear travel insurance. Don’t think the price was inflated.

I used AA for last two years - premium went down this year as no relapses.

try travelsure xx where you gaddin off to?

Hi I used the Post Office recently for travel insurance and I had to declare several medical conditions as well as MS. I did not think the quote was exorbitant best to shop around! Sue

I used Holidaysafe and the premium was under £30 for a week in Europe. They asked all sorts of detailed questions so I feel happy that I’m definitely covered. Have a great time wherever you’re going.

Car Insurance isn’t affected with a MS diagnosis so I don’t see why travel insurance should be any different. As long as you inform them.

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Im with Scudger on this !

Why do people get hung up when looking for travel insurance, and end up paying silly money ?

Enquire with you bank to see if they do "ADD ON’ packages to your current account.

We have a travel package added onto our current account, it includes travel insurance, access to airport lounges, with free drinks & food, lost or stolen luggage /gadgets & money, full RAC breakdown cover, and basically everything else that a good travel insurance offers.

When we took it out we had list our current illnesses, including the MS, there were no premium penalties or clauses.

Just need to inform them so that its all noted.

I would avoid these “specialist” insurance companies as they only inflate premiums simply because you have an illness such as MS, which isn’t regarded as a life threatening illness, so why penalise us ?

Some travel companies offer insurance for an additional fee. Unfortunately, it is rare to find that insurance is included in the price of the purchased trip. My husband and I have a health insurance plan that is valid abroad. We were recently in France and got a viral infection. Thanks to our insurance, we had no problem going to the local hospital and getting medical care. We continued to enjoy the beauty of Paris, where my husband subsequently proposed to me. At, we booked several tours of Paris, which graced our trip.

Stick “travel insurance with medical conditions” into your search engine of choice and you’ll have no end of choice.

I ended up with Staysure for a 1-week cruise and paying £65 after declaring 59, overweight, hypertension and of course, MS. No interest in medical reports from Docs etc. That’s about 2 or 3x the rate for a person without such conditions.

We recently went away and the main issue we had was due to me being on waiting lists for treatment. Both the Post Office and Car insurance provider wouldn’t offer travel insurance because of this.

We tried our building society and bank to check out their current accounts and for a monthly fee and there was still a supplement to pay. It wasn’t that much and when taking into account both offered amongst other things mobile phone cover and car breakdown cover, probably would have been better off going with one of them.

Can’t remember who we went with in the end but had a relaxing break away, in the knowledge if anything went wrong we were covered.

Some great advice already given out, key is to shop around and compare.

Happy searching :blush:

I used AA and had no issues but I traveled to another country. If you plan to fly to Algeria, first learn How Safe Is Algeria for Travel on online platforms created for informational purposes. I always verify it before planning a trip. Now I have a health insurance plan that is valid abroad. Still, it’s better to visit those areas where there is no danger of getting an infection, virus, etc. Especially if you travel with your kid. It’s a nightmare when your child falls ill, and you’re in a foreign country and don’t know where to go and what to do. You don’t think about the insurance and money at that time but pray to find a competent doctor to cure your baby.

When it comes to travel insurance post-diagnosis, it’s understandable to have concerns. It’s a good idea to explore different insurance companies and see what kind of coverage they offer for pre-existing conditions. Look for policies with comprehensive medical coverage and consider reaching out directly to discuss your specific needs.
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