Travel insurance

Just booked our first holiday since diagnosis - should I be expecting a nasty shock with the travel insurance now? Has anyone got any recommendations for companies to use? Many thanks.

I used allclear travel insurance. Don’t think the price was inflated.

I used AA for last two years - premium went down this year as no relapses.

try travelsure xx where you gaddin off to?

Hi I used the Post Office recently for travel insurance and I had to declare several medical conditions as well as MS. I did not think the quote was exorbitant best to shop around! Sue

I used Holidaysafe and the premium was under £30 for a week in Europe. They asked all sorts of detailed questions so I feel happy that I’m definitely covered. Have a great time wherever you’re going.

Car Insurance isn’t affected with a MS diagnosis so I don’t see why travel insurance should be any different. As long as you inform them.

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Im with Scudger on this !

Why do people get hung up when looking for travel insurance, and end up paying silly money ?

Enquire with you bank to see if they do "ADD ON’ packages to your current account.

We have a travel package added onto our current account, it includes travel insurance, access to airport lounges, with free drinks & food, lost or stolen luggage /gadgets & money, full RAC breakdown cover, and basically everything else that a good travel insurance offers.

When we took it out we had list our current illnesses, including the MS, there were no premium penalties or clauses.

Just need to inform them so that its all noted.

I would avoid these “specialist” insurance companies as they only inflate premiums simply because you have an illness such as MS, which isn’t regarded as a life threatening illness, so why penalise us ?