Travel Insurance Recommendations

the title says it all really!

Anyone care to recommend some travel insurance for worldwide travel with the pre existing condition we all know and love!

I used to use my bank account travel insurance but they changed the Ts and Cs so pre-existing conditions are excluded.

Much Appreciated in advance



Ms society. There’s a link on here somewhere! I used them and had to claim once, too poorly to travel, not an accident.


Thanks Ellie, unfortunatley I can only find…

this doesn’t provide any recommendations, just a link to the the association of insurers.

Don’t ignore the comparison websites either. They include search options for people with on going medical conditions. When I got my last 12 month Worldwide policy for myself and my husband I searched on Go Compare and I got a really good deal that was significantly cheaper than some of the quotes from companies that pitch for people with existing conditions. (Both OH and I have medical conditions that require disclosure over and above my MS)

Cheers for the advice, I went through a couple of companies on a comparison site and got family quotes for 4 of us, 1 with MS and i got quotes circa £200 for annual multi trip for a family. Not too bad, then i went through to my bank people who provided my insurance previously, part of an account, and they have added my MS onto our policy for £80 a year. Not too bad i thought so I have gone with that option. Luckily my wife works for teh bank so we get the account for free.

All in all family travel insurance for a year, worldwide, with my MS having been declared, for £80 is actually a very good price i thought.


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I had travel insurance through my bank account but when I was diagnosed I rang them, told them about the MS and they amended the cover for me - I obviously had to pay more, but having had quotes from elsewhere it was no dearer than anywhere else.

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i would be wary of the bank account option. there was far too much small print for my liking! however any low amount is a good for a quote-its only when u have to use it to make a claim u realise its real value…

enjoy ur hol!

I have used insurance with for my husband who has very complex health needs they brought claim down from 1400 to 90! For a week in Europe . They couldn’t insure me as I am having tests ( related to my ms) but as it’s to see another specialist i.e. Urologist they wouldn’t touch me so I have gone with stay sure

Another vote for Insurancewith.

Medical insurance is a either a blatant rip-off, a minefield, or both; especially if you need coverage in the US or Spain. I wanted coverage for my wife and me to visit Prague, and Venice later in the year. We both have medical conditions that could not be accepted on-line, and so I had to speak to someone.

One company quoted over £3,500 for these two trips and £1,750 for the Prague trip only. Insurancewith, were a more realistic £85 for Prague and £89 for Venice, because it is a five day, rather than a four day visit.

The agent said that in most cases involving medical conditions, it is invariably cheaper to buy insurance per visit rather than multi-trip. The risk profile is more favourable to the underwriters apparently.

I am a keen diver and skiier with early stage MS. Can anyone recommend a good travel insurance company?


I’m a little surprised when I see someone with MS struggling to find travel insurance ? Perhaps I’ve just been lucky ? We have our insurance bundle with our bank, we pay a monthly fee, about £13 I think, it covers Travel, Gadgets, Mobile phones, full RAC breakdown, Home Emergency, Boiler & Central Heating cover, Extended warranty on purchases (if we use the banks debit or credit card for the purchase), it even gives free access to VIP longes at airports, so you can have a tipple and snacks before you fly. We’ve had this insurance bundle with them for many many years, all I did was ring them up told them when I was diagnosed with the MS and they noted it on our policy, no price increase or restrictions. There’s no cap on the amount of times we can travel or destinations. Obviously If I rang and said I’m doing a trek up Mount Everest or a few days sight seeing in Syria they might have some reservations in offering cover ! Each time we do travel I just ring them to explain we are going away and the destination, in fact when I do ring them they always tell me there’s no need to ring as it’s already on our policy about the MS, but I feel better just informing them. I would suggest just asking your bank what type of insurance bundles they offer ? Our’s is called Additions Plus with Barclays, I think they might of altered certain things over the years to new customers taking the insurance package out because theres a chap in work with me who also has the same named bundle but has only had it for a year or so and his bundle is slightly different to ours, and costs a bit more. We were going to stop ours a little while ago but the lady at the bank said if we did decide to stop it and then restart it later on we wouldn’t get the same package & price as it would be classed as a NEW policy, so we’ve just kept it going. Like I say, maybe we’ve just been lucky in having this with the bank for so many years ?