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Hi All

Got a great link here for cheap one trip travel insurance which includes pre-existing conditions - this was about 6 months ago and I have lost it!

Can anyone give me details of a cheap insurer who covers pre-existing conditions? Off to Itally in a few weeks and want to sort out the cover just now.

Many thanks


i was on holiday last week (europe). Bought insurance with Explorer travel insurance (got info from comparethemarket).

Cost me £17 for 10 days cover,thought that was good.

I got a european health insurance card as well which you can get for free.

Hope you have a good time:)

Hi Raymond

Many thanks! That’s the one I was looking for.

Thanks again


Thanks for this as I’m researching travel insurance for a holiday to canary islands at end of October.

Hi Vicki. I got said insurance a while ago for a week @ £15 from a company called JS insurance.



We used Staysure very recently and their cover was very comprehensive for quite a few conditions I have, as well as ms, plus also conditions my husband and teenagers have (ie sleep apneoa, asthma, etc). I went for the top level of insurance as I’ve heard of several scare stories recently where people weren’t adequetely covered.

Btw, I noticed that this company were recommended for people with pre-existing conditions, I think last week, in money saving expert website.

Might be worth a look. Question all the companies as to exactly what cover they offer for their quote too…

Enjoy your holiday!

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I’m a bit slow of the mark here with a reply but I get my travel insurance from Insure and Go. I have a years policy with them that covers MS for I think an extra £10 (?) above their usual premium. Might be worth giving them a call and seeing what they say.