Travel Insurance

Any recs would be appreciated. I’ve a couple of holidays coming up and need to get organised.


I use AVIVA , no problems

Thanks Gray, much appreciated :slight_smile:

I’ve had several policies with Direct Travel Insurance - they let me do the medical questionnaire online and charged me a very reasonable extra fee to cover my MS. I haven’t needed to claim, so don’t know what that side of the company is like, but the policy buying side is straightforward.

Came back from Spain last week.

Not happy with the British weather.

Used Holiday Safe, they were very good

C x

I’ve just been on a 2 day city break to Dublin. I just used a comparison website, typed in all my medical details (interestingly they wanted to know more about my stable asthma than the MS!) and then picked the one I liked the look of best. Some are cheaper but with a higher excess, some are well known companies etc.



I use insure and go we find them really good