Travel Insurance

Hi All

Got a great link here for cheap one trip travel insurance which includes pre-existing conditions - this was about 6 months ago and I have lost it!

Can anyone give me details of a cheap insurer who covers pre-existing conditions? Off to Itally in a few weeks and want to sort out the cover just now.

Many thanks


Hi Vicky

Im sure ive used the M.S website travel insurance Have a look see what you think. Its not cheap but not expencive either.

let me know what you fine please as im going away next year and would like to find cheap insurance


Hi Sharon

I used a company called ALL CLEAR OPTIONS

Cost just over £20 for two of us both with pre-existing conditions. MS Society insurance link was more than double in price so it pays to shop around.

Good luck


Yes; I was quoted £181 for two weeks in Europe with paying the first £150 of any claim (excess); £5 M cover with the MSS insurance.

So got a quote from the good old Post Office passed easily there 6 questions on health. Quoted £71 for 1 years insurance, cancelled holiday; covered; no excess; £10 M cover; brilliant.