Travel Insurance

Any advice on who I should use for travel insurance please? Short trip to France later this month and just wondered who I should use. My MS is pretty stable just now so no need for a stick or wheelchair. Don’t want to pay a huge amount.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

I have just acquired travel insurance vie th MS Society. It’s the first time I have used them. The price for me and my wife was very competitive. And I feel confident that the cover I now have suits my needs. NB…if you arrange it on line you get a discount.

i get my insurance through allclear travel insurance. i get the anual insurance as i try to get away as much as possable.

very good price i say

Hi Rolley,

Can you please let me know how to book insurance through the MS society online.

I have read the details but couldn’t see a link for online (probably staring me in the face!)

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Cheers Mickthetrick! Sorted through All Clear Options for £22 fully covered for my partner and I. Thanks a million - certainly worth shopping about as that was half the price of most other companies.

Hi, here’s the link to MSS travel insurance:

Pat x

Brilliant! Thanks Pat.

Jo xx


Thanks Pat.

Jo xx

We use Insure and Go, seem to be quite competitive price.