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Does anyone know of any good travel insurance companies (other than the MS society cover) which covers MS including cancellation cover/repatriation etc.? Finding it hard to get cover as most companies see that I’ve had an MS related hospital appointment within the last six months! (That will ALWAYS be the case thanks to me having a good consultant and MS nurse!). Nothing’s ever easy!

Hi Emma-C, I have SPMS. I usually use World First Insurance or I have just booked a holiday to Cyprus and have used Insure and Go. I am in a wheelchair, and have an indwelling catheter and they have covered me. For myself (49) and husband (54) it was £51. It would have been £45 but they asked if I wanted to pay the extra £6 and then I wouldn’t have to pay the £60 excess should I be hospitalised. I cannot envisage anything to do with my MS would hospitalise me but if my catheter came out or there were problems with it I would have to go to a doctors or medical centre. Hope this helps Anne x.

That’s great, thanks! The MS society quoted me £140 for a family of four for 10 nights to Spain which I thought was quite high, and with a high £150 excess. Will give those two a call! PS am I right in thinking you’re in Colchester? I’m sure I read that somewhere!

I just took out the ms travel insurance - for a years cover it was £80 and covers me for the existing conditions. I shopped around and found that the ms travel cover was the best in terms of the cover entitlement and existing conditions and had the highest medical cover. Also the price wasn’t much different from other companies. It might be worth finding out how much the cover is just for yourself and then checking out the post office cover for the rest of the family - that might be a cheaper way of doing it?

My hubby is of the opinion that you get what you pay for and maybe the MS society is the best way to go. I thought about taking cover out with separate companies, but wondered about what would happen if I couldn’t travel and we had to cancel. Would hubby and kids be able to get a refund from theirs if it was only me who was unfit to travel? I bet the insurance company would be awkward about it at the very least! Insurance is one of those annoying things you hope you’ll never have to use, but you can almost guarantee that if you don’t bother taking it out, you’ll suddenly need it! Thanks x

Hopefully we will never have to use it!!! Fingers crossed! I think that lots of people on here have use the ms travel cover and I am of the opinion that if the majority use it then it must be good! :slight_smile:

Hi Emma-C, I hope you get it sorted. Luckily I have never had to use it since I was diagnosed in 2005 and we go on holiday two to three times a year. I am a bit more worried this time though as this will be the first time we have been away when I have an indwelling catheter. I used to self catheterise but because I now have problems with gripping can no longer do it. I am having a suprapubic catheter fitted the week after I return from holiday. Yes I do live in Colchester. Are you nearby? Anne x.

Hi again. Yes, I’m in Colchester too! Under Dr Sharief at the hospital. How do you find everything there? I feel as though I live at the hospital sometimes, but I think that’s because of all the initial testing, consultations and repeat MRIs etc. Hoping it calms down now! X

My experience is that banks are the easiest to arrange travel insurance with. MS has to be declared and may atract a higher premium but the process is simple based on verbal declarations which of course will be recorded so it would be wise to answer any questions honestly.

Hi, our travel insurance was with our bank before I was diagnosed with MS. As soon as I was diagnosed I informed the bank (Barclays) they did not want to know. I even asked if they would cover me if I paid higher premiums but they refused point blank. Maybe other banks are different. Anne x.

All sorted, thanks all! MS society charging £99 for a family of four for 11 days. Worth the extra premium for the peace of mind really. Most of the other companies I tried said they wouldn’t cover me because I’d had a hospital appointment within the last six months!!! Well that works since they’re EVERY six months! Will probably do an annual policy from next year. X

Hi Emma-C, pleased you’re all sorted and enjoy your holiday. Anne x.

Glad you managed to sort it out and peace of mind for you that you’ve got a good policy that covers the ms. Now all you need to do is to have a great holiday!!!

I have just completed treatment for breast cancer, so with ms too I was dreading getting travel insurance. I have just been quoted £203 for me (covering all cancer and ms), my husband and my 4 year old boy for a holiday touring the whole of Europe including Spain for 90 days. The company is called Insurewith. It was set up by a lady who had had breast cancer herself and saw the injustice in the price of insurance for people with medical problems. I was happy with this quote as I was aware from ladies on the breast cancer forum that I use that some insurance quotes were more than the cost of their holiday! Glad to know that you are sorted but its another company to think about for your next trip.

Thank you, that’ll be one to get a quote from next year. X


We used Virgin money travel insurance, they were the cheapest, you could have a look.