Travel insurance with MS

Hi all,

Is there a good company to use for international travel with MS and myself to cover incase of hubby being ill and both covered?



Hi Caz

Have a look at used them before and found them very reasonable pricewise


Thank you i will take a look :slight_smile:

Hi Caz. Insure and go are good. Ive just booked to go to vegas and for roughly 9 days its cost me n hubby around £90. (cant remember exactly) its a good cover and covers ms. Tried loads of others who either dont cover or are really expensive. The post office was £176! They charge an extra 76 for ms. Insure and go was about 12 to cover pre existing medical conditions. Karina x

when I went to florida years ago,ATLAS insurance were cheap,and MS covered

Compared numerous insurers last year & found AA travel insurance to be the cheapest, paid around an extra £10 premium for having MS.

‘All clear’ is also worth a look. I needed a very comprehensive policy for a trip to the wilds of Africa a couple of years ago. They covered all of my medical issues. I have used them and the Post Office since diagnosis.