Travel Insurance recommendation?


Having difficulty finding travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions and conditions under investigation.

There are a few online companies but firstly my condition of "Multifunctional, Multifactorial Balance Disorder isn’t recognised, so i guess I need to phone rather than try and do online, but i’m wondering what to do for MS under investigation? If I put that i have MS and it turns out to be somthing else it could invalidate my insurance? Just wondered what other people have done in this situation, and, does anyone use a really good travel insurance company they can recommend?

Thanks x

Is it an annual policy?? If it’s single trip then finding out it’s not ms won’t affect it because it’s under investigation and may not have been diagnosed one way or the other when you go.

I got travel insurance that covered all my medical conditiond when my MS was suspected but not diagnosed.

I have two policies at present with the same company. They charged £15 extra to cover my MS, mild hayfever and mild exzema. I can’t remember off-hand who I use, I’ll check and let you know.

I have never had to claim on travel insurance but I’d rather have it than not!

My policies are both single-trip, both with Direct Travel Insurance.

Than k you Mizi, i’ll give them a try