Travel Insurance - not diagnosed yet so do I need to mention MS?

We’re going to New Zealand via LA in October this year and I’m not sure whether I need to mention MS when buying travel insurance as I haven’t yet been diagnosed?

Hi From what I remember about purchasing travel insurance, they ask if you have been in hospital or been subject to any medical investigations in the last 12 months, are awaiting the results of any medical investigations or awaiting any medical appointments.

Hi Tricky,

Personally, yes, I would. If you omit to mention anything that may be pertinent, it could have the effect of invalidating the policy.

I think the only problem you will have is choosing what to call it. Before I was diagnosed, I already knew something was wrong, but didn’t know exactly what. I’d only been investigated by Rheumatology, at that point, not Neurology. I took specialist medical insurance, but could only answer based on my belief at the time - which was that it was a Rheumatology problem. Time has shown that to be wrong, but I assume that if I’d had a problem, I would still have been covered, as I’d disclosed as much as anybody knew at the time.


I agree with Mrs H and Anitra. No point throwing money into insurance that would be invalid if you actually needed it, and incurring really serious expenses. Doesn’t bear thinking about. Not worth the risk. I would just tell them everything and then stop worrying and enjoy the holiday.


Okay thank you. Any recommendations for suitable MS travel insurers please?

I’ve just done my travel insurance with the MS Society. Covers all my medical stuff for £99 for a family of four for 11 days. Worth the price to know you’re fully covered!

Blimey - £99?! Okay, will go for that, we’re already paying an arm and a leg for flights, park tickets and 4 passports, what’s an extra £100 between friends!

Thank you!

When you consider that the travel company we’re using wanted £70 for “standard” insurance for the family, it’s not too painful!!! Worth getting a quote at least. Enjoy your trip!

We got it cheaper but being undiagnosed they basicly covered me for every except anything to do with what was wrong with me, how could they cover me when the nuro doesnt know whats wrong. Think the wife did wrong on that one ha ha. Good luck and enjoy NZ are you going Norh or south.

We travelled the south island 2 years ago now and loved every minute of it, driving is so much fun on their open roads but be careful of police, they really have nothing else to do.

Thanks Tom. We’re going to the North Island (to the town where the Hobbit is filmed - now renamed Hobbiton!), it’s my fourth visit as I’m married to a Kiwi. Not such great circumstances this time though as it’s for my father in law’s 60th but he was given 2 years to live 2 years ago (prostate cancer) so we’re just hoping he lasts that long. We did spend 4 nights in Christchurch on my second visit but now travelling with kids, I try to make the trips as uncomplicated as possible.

I’ve not had a run-in with police over there, must be your driving! :wink:

My neigbour is Kiwi and married a fellow brit, We are always out having BBQs in the winter of summer, I havent been to the North and Christchurch in the South is lovelly, but we went after the quake and it was devistating to see the homes and building ruined.

It was my neigbohur he warned me, I only saw a couple and I wasnt speeding at the time, thankfully. Enjoy yourself I am slightly jealous and sorry to hear about your father in law, I hope you get to see him and his in good spirits. And if your drinking Ale please have a Sassy Red for me, God I loved htat stuff!

The thing with my Father in Law is he lives for the day. He got a large payout from his insurance (which he was going to cancel but didn’t get round to!) and since that payout two years ago, he’s had countless holidays, travelled to the UK business class, been on fishing trips, etc, etc.

I personally can’t bear the long flight to NZ but realise it’s something I have to do and once I’m there I will be fine.

Sassy Red? is that Lion Red?

Oh yes, we climbed the tower at the Cathedral in Christchurch which I understand is now no longer - so sad :frowning:


I travelled last year and was advised by my consultant to advise i was diagnosed with clinically isolated syndrome as not yet fully diagnosed with MS i was able to get cover reasonable online giving me cover so that if anything happened to do with my symptoms my mind was at ease so if i was you talk to your Dr/Consultant and ask they will advise what to say

Mandy x

Have a great time when it comes