Getting holiday insurance whilst being investigated for MS

Hi I have had am MRI scan of brain which showed some changes and am now awaiting MRI of my spine. I have a holiday booked and need holiday insurance. Has anyone else taken out holiday insurance whilst awaiting diagnosis?

Hi Helen, I had the same problem last summer. I was having tests etc but hadn’t been officially diagnosed so I wasn’t able to insure myself for MS because I didn’t officially have it. So, I went away with regular travel insurance. Everything was fine but it was a worry at the time. You can’t insure against something you don’t officially have.

Hi JoeyC . I was going to do that but if I don’t declare having symptoms of what ever it turns out to be and need to make any claim even if unrelated will my travel insurance be valid? This is my concern. Thanks Helen

I’ve replied a few times to posts regarding MS and travel insurance. We have our travel insurance through our bank account, its one of those add on thingys you do with current accounts. Anyway, my MS has not effected our travel insurance at all, no increase in premiums, nothing. All we had to do was firstly get it noted on our policy, then let them know each time we travelled, and thats it, job done. We recently travelled to Mexico, so I rang up a few days before departing, give them the dates ect and they just made a note of everything and emailed us the policy schedule with emergency numbers ect ect. I cannot understand why people with MS go to these so called “specialist travel insurance” sites or pay silly prices ? Enquire with your bank first is my advice.

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Thank you for advise I will look into it Kind Regards Helen