Travel Insurance

Hi, can anyone advise me as to where to go for travel insurance when a member of your travelling party is awaiting diagnosis. My 18 year old son has had a bout of optic neuritis a few months ago and then last week developed double vision. He has had MRI scan and neurology and opthalmology appointments and is having VEP tomorrow and more opthalmology appts next week but we are going on holiday in 4 weeks time and I don’t know what to do about travel insurance.

We took out an annual insurance before all this began but booked the holiday just after he developed optic neuritis not knowing it’s possible causes so I have decided to take out single insurance for my son in the hope I can get him covered but all the policies seem to ask for the diagnosis and he has not yet been diagnosed.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


The ms society do travel insurance so you could give them a call and see if they can help?

In the past (I only say past because I haven’t travelled lately, not because I’ve lost faith in them), I’ve used a company called All Clear.

I’m not sure they’re the most competitive on the market, but then neither is the MS Soc’s offering, I don’t think. I found they were reasonable for what I wanted, but premiums are influenced by your destination, and also how recently there has been an “episode”. Usually, if you’ve gone a year without anything happening, they treat it as low risk, but as your son has developed a new symptom very recently, it will probably push up the premiums.

They do not have a category for “suspected MS” - or, surprisingly, for diagnosed MS! Instead, they have a broader category, called “Demyelination”, which obviously would cover MS, if it did turn out to be that, but also any more obscure demyelinating disease.


Hi, we are off on holiday next month. My daughter has just been diagnosed. I got travel insurance no problem, put that she had M.S. and an episode in the last few weeks and was newly diagnosed and had spent time in the hospital. I was expecting to be hit with a huge premium. The quote went up by £10.00.