Travel insurance - undiagnosed MS

So my wife has recently found that she may have MS - brain scan showed a number of lesions, and she has tingling in her feet. But as there is only the one symptom, a definite diagnosis cannot be made yet.

I’m trying to buy travel insurance for our family. I got a quote from a company (with a policy from AXA), and supplied details as if she was recently diagnosed with MS, but with the limited current symptoms - a policy and premium was offered. I then sent an email to enquire whether the policy would cover problems arising from further symptoms becoming apparent during travel. They replied, that because there is not a definite diagnosis yet, they cannot offer cover.

Has anyone else tackled this - are there companies which will provide cover based on a “partial” diagnosis, and provide cover for problems arising from MS during a trip?

Thanks for any help!


Sorry Paul, but my understanding is that while something is still under investigation no insurance company will offer cover. The best thing you can do is ask them to exclude these symptoms from cover and hope nothing happens. It’s pants, but after extensive research a couple of years ago I couldn’t find a way round it :frowning: However, did the neuro mapention clinically isolated syndrome? Sometimes this is given as a waiting diagnosis until MS shows itself with a second relapse. This could be seen as a definitive diagnosis. May be worth oho jug the neuro secretary and asking? Good luck, Leah

I dint know why my ipad typed oho jug! I mean to say phoning!