Travel insurance help

There are a few posts already on this subject but some are quite old. I have no diagnosis of MS - just symptoms (numbness mainly) and a brain and spine MRI. Brain came back fine but the neurologist has requested I have another spine MRI. Back on track…… I’ve tried lots of different insurance companies today and nearly all state not covered when awaiting diagnosis/for the symptoms that are awaiting a diagnosis. What have other people done when they’ve been awaiting a diagnosis?

When you aren’t getting anywhere, it’s maybe time to engage an insurance broker. They know the trade.

When I was undiagnosed but being tested, I was told that I would not be covered for “cerebro-vascular” issues. Weirdly, it got easier once I had my diagnosis.
Within Europe you may still be covered by your EHIC card, if you have one that has not expired. Otherwise, there is the replacement GHIC. Not exactly the same as travel insurance but it helps quite a lot if your travel is in Europe.

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Travel company usually gives us all the infos about the health insurance. if you want, you can read about frontline insurance customer service, those guys are professionals and might recommend you something

When I was in a similar spot, I reached out to patient advocacy groups—they often have resources or advice on navigating insurance hurdles. Also, if you haven’t already, talking directly with your neurologist’s office might shed some light on options or potential workarounds.