Travel Insurance

Hi All

I am enquiring if people have had problems with travel insurance even though I am only been investigated for MS and not been diagnosed just yet.I have an MRI booked for the next few weeks.

Having spoke to a few companies they dont want to insure you if you are under investigation. I originally had symptoms 20 years ago but the neurologist then decided there wasnt enough evidence so after suffering a few symptoms over the last year I decided to go back and have more investigations.

Any help would be appreciated as I am going abroad next month.


Hi Daza,

No problem see

If you’re going to EEC Country; don’t forget your EHIC


Hi, I get travel insurance as part of my bank account and I phoned them re. MS investigations and they said that I was still covered at no extra charge. Barclays Bank.

Thanks for both replies. I have my MRI next week so should have more of an idea in the next few weeks but will phone Barclays. Thanks again