Travel insurance with no diagnosis


This is quite a random question but I’ve been havng neurological problems the last month or so including left sde numbness, dizziness, skin sensations etc and due to my MRI being clear like last time it happened 6 years ago I’m being sent on my merry way again with a wait and see what happens approach (very scientifc) :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways I’m supposed to be going to peru for 2 weeks at the start of september but im struggling to get travel insurance as I have no diagnosis and its very unlkely I wll be getting one…or wanting one just to get travel insurance!

Does anyone know by any chance any companies that will insurance for emergency medical treatment if you have no diagnosis. Just want to have a safety net just incase something random happens that could happen to anyone regardless of current health.

Thankyou :slight_smile:

Never come across this problem, with diagnosis there isn’t a problem. Try ringing the MS helpline they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Peru sounds fab have a wonderful time

0808 800 8000

Jan x

I got travel insurance from Direct Travel Insurance before I was diagnosed - though my GP had said he suspected MS, which helped me answer the medical questions. They only charged £15 extra to cover my medical conditions and they charged the same extra this year, post-diagnosis.

The policy buyng process is straightforward and you can do the medical questionnaire online. I can’t comment on their claims handling as I’ve never made a claim.

I went on after the post office wanted to charge me double. I filled in a medical form online which was much easier than having to shout MS to a woman on the phone who had no idea what MS was! Might be worth saying you have MS so you’re covered in an emergency.

hey thankyou for the suggestions, will follow them up. Ive found a few promising companies so going to ring around tomorrow as want to make sure i definitely covered and if they wont touch me without a diagnosis i will have to bug my doctor some more :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi I am still in limbo, and have travelled a couple of times. I found a good company called JS insurance, she told me as long as I tell them about existing medical conditions, the un diagnosed one didnt affect your existing ones.

Not sure if this helps you, but have a great time.


Hey did you undergo medical testing that you had to declare as most of the companies are saying “have you had inpatient testing or seen a specialist etc” and then because I tick yes they ask for a condition and because I cant give one they cant insure me so a very strange situation because surely people see a specialist and then dont get diagnosed. Unfortunately not having success so far even with the ms society insurance as I dont have a diagnosis for anything. Still keeping trying…