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This is my first post so I’m probably repeating other peoples posts! I was diagnosed with CIS some years ago. I had an episode in 2003 and nothing specific since. In that time my walking ability has worsened significantly, and I walk with a limp, and cannot walk more than a mile using 2 sticks. I still work full-time. My neuro has suggested having another MRI. I’ve only had one of my spine in 2003. I’ve never had one done of the brain. I’ve agreed to this as I am approaching retirement and the mortgage is paid but I am concerned how this might affect my travel insurance. The insurance company know I have CIS but it’s possible the diagnosis might shift to MS after the MRI. Part of me wants to have an MRI in case of any potential treatments - and I believe you can only have treatments with a diagnosis, and part of me wants to cancel the appointment and continue with CIS. Also recently blood results for something else have found a positive result, 1/650 for anti-nuclear antibody, which might be relevant to MS or possibly lupus. Anyway my main question is about travel insurance. I’m concerned about making a query to the insurance company I’m currently using. I have annual insurance currently and perhaps this option might not be open to me in the future depending on the MRI result. Can anyone suggest insurance companies I can contact? Also is travel insurance really expensive for people with MS?

Thanks for reading this and any advice would be much appreciated in helping me decide to go ahead with the MRI.

I have had MS for years and have annual travel insurance cover. The MS does increase the premium a bit, but not enough to interfere with a person’s holiday plans.


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Thanks Alison - that’s re-assuring. I get a bit tied up in knots about things.

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