Travel Insurance

At the moment I use the travel insurance that is linked to my bank account.I travel a few times a year on holiday generally outside Europe.

I was told a couple of weeks ago that I have MS by my GP after MRI scan but am waiting to see the Neuro.

I informed the Insurer and they are happy to cover me for the holidays that are already booked which I am pleased about but I was hoping to go to Egypt in December so will need cover for that.

So which is a good company to use and what sort of price are they likely to charge.


TBH I would want that in writing. You might want to consider an ‘I am writing to you to confirm…’ letter covering what you said to their rep and what he/she said back. It should just be a formality - you have done absolutely the right thing by informing them straight away of a change in your health status.

Of course, the risk of doing this is that it opens a can of worms. But the risk of not doing it is that you need to make a claim and they won’t pay up.

I’m sorry - this is the last thing you need when you have the prospect of a formal MS dx to deal with. But you do need to be careful with insurers.


I use Allclear. They are quite good when you have a chronic health condition x

You could see if your bank will continue to insure you with a premium paid for a diagnosed condition. My OH and I had the same kind of travel insurance and we paid a premium of about £50 per year each for the known conditions to be included. After he took early retirement we no longer qualified for the bank account (after our income reduced) so we now shop around a bit and at present do it on an ad hoc basis, so I can’t really help with a recommendation.

We used staysure for our trip to iceland 19.50 for the others have said you should get your bank insurance people just to confirm in writing that you will be covered for your next trip .

Have a good one .Katy