Holiday Insurance

As a recently diagnosed MS patient, does anyone have any recommendations for companies who deal with MS for holiday insurance. I need to get some but as I have found with trying to get life insurance, as soon as I mention MS its as though I have said I have the plague! Mine is currently only very mild MS, so I am lucky.

When I booked with a travel company and I asked about insurance they said no problem but will have to pay an extra fee with another company which they gave me the details, rang them and gave details paid and that was it, no problems at all.

I get travel insurance with my bank account. I had to call them to let them know about my dx and pay a small premium to increase my insurance cover.

I share Kedge’s experience, me, the wife and 2 kids have worldwide annual travel insurance with a bank account, has never been an issue, I pay an additional £45 a year to have my MS included as a know condition. I am more than happy with £45 to cover any issue I might have. Charlie

I have travel insurance with Tesco who weren’t interested in my ms even when I mentioned it.